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A “V” fansite, Visitors Among Us, did an audio interview with Morena at Comic Con, asking her about the show and her character. They have the questions written out, and you click to play her answers. It’s pretty interesting, really. Be sure to give it a listen by clicking here!

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E! Online’s Watch With Kristin team has posted their inside scoop on the pilot of “V”, which has me even more excited to see it (especially since it confirms the November premiere date).

The fans were certainly pleased to see the reimagining of the early ’80s mini-series that brought the Visitors to Earth. Lucky for the non-attending Comic-Con fans, the series is jumping from midseason to a November premiere date, so you won’t have to wait too long to see it. Also lucky for those fans, we’ve now watched the pilot four times and can give you the low-down on what’s coming up, as well as scoop straight from the cast on who to trust on the show. Hint: No one.

Read the rest of the article here

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I have added 16 photos from Comic Con yesterday to the gallery. Morena looked awesome, especially with her “I ? V” button. Click the thumbnails below to view.

Also, as a nice surprise, gallery user adamanthea has added some backstage photos of the panel of Morena and the cast and crew of “V”! They are pretty awesome, so be sure to check out those as well (I’m sure plenty of you already have)!

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According to Visitor Site, it was revealed at Comic Con that “V” will be premiering on ABC in November of this year instead of early 2010. More information on the exact dates will come as I get it.

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I have found a few reports of today’s Comic Con panel, and it looks like the overall feeling towards the “V” pilot is pretty positive – a good sign, I take it. No pictures yet from the panel or autograph signing, but as soon as they surface, I’ll post them in the gallery. More updates as they come, and, as usual, if you find anything of interest please be sure to let me know! Here are some excerpts from the articles I found and the links to them. Enjoy!

Co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the Visitors’ leader, recalled watching the miniseries with her brother. – The Live Feed – “V” Screening Gets Strong Comic Con Response

The packed ballroom kept the enthusiasm in check for most of the pilot, save an initial cheer for Elizabeth Mitchell’s butt-kicking skills as an FBI agent and the appearance of Morena Baccarin, aka the gorgeous actress who plays Anna, the high commander of the alien species. – EW Popwatch – “ABC’s Alien Series “V” Invades Comic Con

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Zap2It has posted a list of their predictions for the next big things in television, and they have included Morena on that list. This is what they had to say about her:

Morena Baccarin on “V” (ABC): Fans of Joss Whedon know Baccarin from “Firefly” and “Serenity.” And she’s appeared on “Stargate SG-1” and “Heartland.” But I see “V” propelling her to a whole other level of stardom (kind of like what “Desperate Housewives” did for Eva Longoria Parker). As Anna, the leader of the Visitors, she has a simultaneous ethereal and slightly sinister quality. She’s positively captivating.

The full list can be seen here.