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I have found a few reports of today’s Comic Con panel, and it looks like the overall feeling towards the “V” pilot is pretty positive – a good sign, I take it. No pictures yet from the panel or autograph signing, but as soon as they surface, I’ll post them in the gallery. More updates as they come, and, as usual, if you find anything of interest please be sure to let me know! Here are some excerpts from the articles I found and the links to them. Enjoy!

Co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the Visitors’ leader, recalled watching the miniseries with her brother. – The Live Feed – “V” Screening Gets Strong Comic Con Response

The packed ballroom kept the enthusiasm in check for most of the pilot, save an initial cheer for Elizabeth Mitchell’s butt-kicking skills as an FBI agent and the appearance of Morena Baccarin, aka the gorgeous actress who plays Anna, the high commander of the alien species. – EW Popwatch – “ABC’s Alien Series “V” Invades Comic Con

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