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Sci-Fi Wire sat down with Morena, Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch on the Vancouver set of “V”. They talk about their characters, compare Anna and Diana and talk about the terrorism aspect of the show. Again, the video only seems to work in Internet Explorer, so Firefox users may want to switch browsers temporarily.

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Access Hollywood has declared Morena their “rising star” and also conducted a short interview with her about the premiere of “V”.

“I was unaware of the other people they were seeing,” she said of the casting process, which reportedly initially had the actress placed into the “no” pile. “I knew they were seeing a lot of people for the role, but I had heard of the original and I had seen it when I was little in Brazil and I thought it was really exciting that they were remaking it. When I read the pilot, I immediately thought I knew what I wanted to do with the role. When I went into the audition, it felt really right.”

Also right was the boyish (yet delicate) haircut Morena already had, a look which has suited just a handful of celebrity faces over time – Audrey Hepburn, a young Mia Farrow, Halle Berry and Jean Seberg, whose picture Morena took to the hairdressers.

The article can be found here.

Also, be sure to check the gallery for two new photoshoot images and an image of Morena behind the scenes at the Access Hollywood studio.

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The Betty Confidential‘s Patty Adams got a chance to chat with Morena about her life, acting and more. It’s a very good read, so definitely check it out.

Now, let’s get to know a little more about you. How would you describe yourself?
I’m definitely a perfectionist. I would like to think I’m nice to people. I have a huge curiosity about the world, books and people. I’m social. And I can’t sit still. I have to be stimulated — always.

What is the beauty product you can’t live without?
Anything by Dr. Hauschka, Epicuren or Burt’s Bees. The Dr. Hauschka bath oils are especially amazing. And the Burt’s Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream was my favorite, but that was discontinued, which I’m really sad about.

How do you stay so fit?
Pilates and yoga definitely whoop my ass! I like Jivamukti yoga, which is really hard and acrobatic, but there’s a lot of meditation too, which is nice.

The rest of the interview can be read here!

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Zap2It recently posted their interview with Morena and co-star Scott Wolf from the summer press tour on their website.

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Some new “V” promotional posters (as seen in Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide) as well as scans from the most recent TV Guide and an episode still from episode three of the show have been added to the gallery. Screencaps from the interviews I posted will be added as soon as I get the time to make them.

Also, don’t forget that “V” premieres tomorrow night at 8/7c on ABC!

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As the premiere date draws closer, more and more videos are being released. Here is one of Morena’s “Anna” explaining why joining the program is important. It only seems to work in Internet Explorer, so be wary of that. Also, you can join the Peace Ambassador program by going here.