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First of all, apologies for the gallery down time (I was in class and couldn’t address the issue until now). In better news, however, I have added more stills from episode three of “V”.

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Some awesome news for you guys! So much for those promises of peace. V destroyed the competition last night. The drama’s long-awaited arrival drew nearly 14 million viewers, making it the second most-watched series premiere of the season (behind NCIS: LA’s 18.7 million). Although NCIS grabbed the total viewers crown (19.4 million), V easily walked off with the night’s highest adult 18-49 numbers. In fact, V marked ABC’s best 18-49

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Here is the promo for upcoming episodes that aired after the premiere last night. Also, nearly 120 screencaps from the episode have been added to the gallery, so be sure to check those out as well. Feel free to discuss the episode in comments!

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Sci-Fi Wire sat down with Morena, Elizabeth Mitchell and Joel Gretsch on the Vancouver set of “V”. They talk about their characters, compare Anna and Diana and talk about the terrorism aspect of the show. Again, the video only seems to work in Internet Explorer, so Firefox users may want to switch browsers temporarily.

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Access Hollywood has declared Morena their “rising star” and also conducted a short interview with her about the premiere of “V”. “I was unaware of the other people they were seeing,” she said of the casting process, which reportedly initially had the actress placed into the “no” pile. “I knew they were seeing a lot of people for the role, but I had heard of the original and I had

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The Betty Confidential‘s Patty Adams got a chance to chat with Morena about her life, acting and more. It’s a very good read, so definitely check it out. Now, let’s get to know a little more about you. How would you describe yourself? I’m definitely a perfectionist. I would like to think I’m nice to people. I have a huge curiosity about the world, books and people. I’m social. And