Posted by on 4 November 2009 with 4 Comments

Here is the promo for upcoming episodes that aired after the premiere last night.

Also, nearly 120 screencaps from the episode have been added to the gallery, so be sure to check those out as well.

Feel free to discuss the episode in comments!

  • Leslie
    Posted on November 04, 2009

    I watched the show last night for 1 reason, it had Inara from FireFly in it! And to my surprise it also has Alan Tudyk, who was the pilot. I just finished Firefly and watched the movie and am obsessed with the show and all of the characters. V seemed ok so far and I will continue to watch 🙂

  • laura
    Posted on November 05, 2009

    your gallery isn’t working!!!!

  • April
    Posted on November 05, 2009

    I am working on it, don’t worry!

  • laura
    Posted on November 06, 2009

    <3 yay. love the site.