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This one was made possible by Spoiler TV and Superverses. Morena answers fan-submitted questions from the set of V. Find more videos like this on Superverses

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LATimes recently sat down to talk with Morena about V, which finally returns tonight! What aspect of Anna’s character is your favorite to play? I love how calm and controlled she is but underneath there’s just so much going on, and I have a really fun time just playing all of the nuances of that character and what it means to entice humans and to know just how to lure

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Morena Baccarin is the glam queen of aliens on ‘V’ Morena Baccarin had no problem landing the key role on “V,” the gorgeous, creepily charismatic High Commander of the Visitors on ABC’s remade sci-fi drama. When she auditioned, producers knew they had found their star. “She was so different, she popped,” says Scott Rosenbaum, executive producer. But what about her hair? Cut in a stylish Peter Pan, Baccarin’s do went

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Thanks to TV Over Mind, we have a podcast hosted by Scott Wolf talking about the upcoming episodes of V (which returns Tuesday, if you didn’t know)! Some of the cast, including Morena, make appearances to talk about what’s coming up on the show.

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LOS ANGELES – It’s something celebrities face every day, but Average Joes and Average Janes do not. Every time celebs leave the house, there’s a chance people will recognize them. So they must ask themselves: How much do they care about how they look at any particular time? “This is not what I look like every day,” said Morena Baccarin, the fetching Brazilian-American actress who plays the leader of the

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I have come across three mixed reviews of Morena’s film Stolen, which is now available on demand via IFC Films. NPR – Stolen: Dark, Yet Prim and Proper Hollywood Reporter – Stolen: Film Review Huffington Post: Stolen Review