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Vanity Fair has posted a Q&A with Morena about her favorite getaway destination.

The self-proclaimed wine lover and star of Homeland, which premieres its second season this Sunday on Showtime, loves decamping to the tiny town of Healdsburg, in California wine country. She shares her secrets—from breakfast burritos to beauty tips to vineyards off the beaten path—with

To get away from it all, I go to . . .
Healdsburg, in Sonoma County, California. It’s quiet, has great food, and has my favorite: wine. Lots of wine.

My favorite way to travel there is . . .
I love a good road trip. And I have been known to sing cheesy 80s songs at the top of my lungs on a windy road when no one can hear.

The rest of the Q&A can be found on Vanity Fair’s website.

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