Posted by on 14 July 2009 with 5 Comments

I have finally been able to get a domain name for the website, after nearly four years online. A new layout has been put up as well. What do you guys think? Any suggestions for the site? And affiliates, be sure to change your links! The gallery should be up before the end of the week! Also, to see past updates, go here!

  • Alex
    Posted on July 14, 2009

    It’s very pink 🙂

  • april
    Posted on July 14, 2009

    I thought a new color scheme was in order!

  • Amber
    Posted on July 14, 2009

    Very pink, but cool! 🙂

  • Orici-Adria
    Posted on July 16, 2009

    The Color is cool^^

  • Jose
    Posted on July 22, 2009

    Wow! I didn’t think I was gone for that long, not checking the website.

    You can make it as pink as you want, for as long as you want, as long as Morena is always front and center on the site! 🙂