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I had added 183 screencaptures from last night’s episode of “V” to the gallery. Feel free to discuss the episode in comments (but as always, beware of spoilers).

  • Alex
    Posted on April 02, 2010 Check this out guys 🙂

  • Alex
    Posted on April 03, 2010

    April, have you already posted this story? I’ve been gone awhile.

  • April
    Posted on April 03, 2010

    I may have! I’ll have to look and see. It looks familiar, but it’s a good read regardless.

  • Eduardo Henrique
    Posted on April 11, 2010

    Thanks God i found a website to talk about Morena Baccarin.
    When I was a teen I remember of the first V the final battle here in Brazil with Jane Badler (daiana).
    V is my favorite cult serie and now with this brilliant, incredible beauty and super, hyper mega talent of Morena Baccarin V stayed better than first apresentation in 1985.
    I am Super fan of this American – (Brazilian) actress i am brazilian and i stay so proud and the good feelings come to me and this is so fantanstic !!!!
    I Wish all Cheers and all good thing and realizations for you Morena Baccarin !!!

    Cheers !!!!

  • Aykut
    Posted on April 12, 2010

    She is hot and gorgeous ! Phenomenal beauty.