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Popeater got the chance to chat exclusively with Morena after V’s premiere. They talked about the show, her character, her haircut, Firefly and whether or not she would want to work with Joss Whedon again. Here is an excerpt.

It certainly was! You know, I just read that your ‘Firefly’ costar Nathan Fillion asked you to do a ‘Castle’ guest spot. I know you couldn’t do it, but would you do one in the future?
“I don’t know. We’ve been texting each other and I know he’s really excited about the prospect. It’s an ABC show and I don’t know how ABC would feel about that, so we’d have to run it by them. It’s just a conversation that he and I have been having. I don’t know if anything is actually being considered. But it would be fun and I would love to.”

He did a little nod to ‘Firefly’ in the Halloween episode…
“Yeah! I heard about it but I didn’t see it.”

The complete interview can be read here.

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