Posted by on 25 October 2009 with Comments Off on “v” bets on a little-known face

The Wall Street Journal’s Christopher John Farley sat down with Morena to discuss V. Here is a little excerpt and a link to the article.

The Wall Street Journal: I’ve heard that you were a fan of the original “V” series. You were around 4 years old when it first aired in 1983. What were you doing watching scary stuff like that?

Ms. Baccarin: I was in Brazil so we got it a few years after the U.S. got it. I remember being with my brother on the couch and watching it and being petrified. Like when one of the V’s peels off her skin. When I got the part [of Anna] I went back and YouTubed the show and watched some scenes, and it was as creepy as I remembered.

The rest of the article can be found here!

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