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IGN recently got the chance to sit down and talk to Morena and Elizabeth Mitchell about V (mostly about their characters and Alan Tudyk).

Though it’s clear very early on that Anna is hiding much of her people’s true intent from the humans, Baccarin noted, “I think from my perspective, she’s not evil. I think she’s really trying to save her people. I think she’s going to do whatever it takes to do that. I think Anna wants to try to work with humans – but maybe to her advantage and not so much other people’s advantage.”

Read the whole interview by going here!

  • Amber
    Posted on August 22, 2009

    Excuse me while I glee over Elizabeth Mitchell fangirling Alan Tudyk and girlcrushing on Morena. 😀

  • April
    Posted on August 22, 2009

    I know, right? She is adorable.