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Posted by on 2 November 2009

via Betty Confidential:

Morena Baccarin is no stranger to sci-fi fans. The Brazil-born and New York City-educated beauty, who now calls Los Angeles home, has a rabid following thanks to her short-lived, but cult-classic TV show, Firefly, which later spawned the movie Serenity [both by Joss Whedon]. “Comic Con fans are my kind of people,” laughs Morena, 30, who remembers loving Star Wars and Labyrinth as a kid. “I certainly can’t complain at what a welcome response I’ve gotten from sci-fi fans. They are so nice and loyal and I think Firefly fans will really love V.”

In the updated, reimagined version of the ’80s hit, Morena plays Anna, the beautiful yet mysterious leader of the Visitors — sinister lizard-like aliens who disguise themselves as friendly, human-looking beings in order to gain Earthlings’ trust, so they can annihilate them. “When I got the script, I was drawn to how creepy it was,” reveals Morena, who remembers watching the original series with her younger brother back in the day. “Anna is so nice, but you know there is more to it that she’s not revealing behind those smiles. Don’t believe her when she says they ‘Come in peace, always!’”

While the original had political commentary on communism and the Cold War, the new version incorporates post 9-11 fears about terrorists and sleeper cells. In this case, aliens who have been living among humans for 50 years, just waiting for their time to pounce. “I don’t think you need to know anything about the old V to embrace the new one,” says Morena. “You don’t even really have to be into sci-fi because of the great story lines and cast.” Along with Julliard-trained Morena, the V cast is rounded out by TV and movie vets including Scott Wolf as a TV reporter, Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost fame as an FBI agent and Morris Chestnut, who plays her boyfriend with an out-of-this-world secret. The show debuts tonight on ABC.

You studied at the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City, which is the school that inspired Fame and High School Musical. Was it anything like either?
There weren’t many people dancing on tables during lunch! But otherwise, yes. It was this crazy, artistic high school in the middle of New York City, where kids got to study their passions as well as math, science and English.

So you knew at an early age that acting is what you wanted to do?
Well, I come from a very artistic family. My mom is an actress in Brazil, my uncle was an actor, and my great uncle was a famous theater director in Brazil, so I always grew up around the arts. But I was actually really shy as a kid, so I thought acting would help me face my fears of speaking in public. I think it’s worked.

All Joss Whedon shows seem to end up with the cast feeling like a family. Are you still in touch with Joss or any of the cast from Firefly?
I am. In fact, I just got a text message from Nathan [Fillion, who played Captain Mal] last night. He’s working on the TV show Castle and he was asking if I was available for a guest spot. But I had to say no, because I’m shooting V in Vancouver. But we all talk and keep in touch pretty regularly. Alan [Tudyk, who played Wash] did the first two episodes of V so we got to hang out, which was a lot of fun. No matter what happens, we’ll always have the Firefly experience we shared together. And I am humbled every day when people at the pharmacy or video store tell me they love the show and still watch it on DVD.

Now, let’s get to know a little more about you. How would you describe yourself?
I’m definitely a perfectionist. I would like to think I’m nice to people. I have a huge curiosity about the world, books and people. I’m social. And I can’t sit still. I have to be stimulated — always.

What is the beauty product you can’t live without?
Anything by Dr. Hauschka, Epicuren or Burt’s Bees. The Dr. Hauschka bath oils are especially amazing. And the Burt’s Bees Royal Jelly Eye Cream was my favorite, but that was discontinued, which I’m really sad about.

How do you stay so fit?
Pilates and yoga definitely whoop my ass! I like Jivamukti yoga, which is really hard and acrobatic, but there’s a lot of meditation too, which is nice.

Which exercise is your idea of cruel and unusual punishment?
The StairMaster — I hate that thing!

What’s the one food you can’t live without?
Pie! I love a lemon tart, but really any kind of pie will do.

What’s the most surprising thing in your refrigerator?
Hemp seed oil. I don’t know what it’s doing there. I bought it because someone said it was good for me, and I put it in smoothies from time to time, but I really don’t like it. I think it’s time I throw it out.

If you were going to appear on a reality TV show, which would it be?
Project Runway
. I love clothes. I’m not good at designing or anything, but I love fashion and I can’t miss that show. It’s so much fun!

What was your most embarrassing fashion moment to date?
In New York, in junior high and high school there was a clothing line called Girbaud that was really popular. Girls would wear these enormous, oversize T-shirts with all of these stripes in bizarre colors. It was horrible, but it was “in” at the time.

What is your go-to outfit on the weekends now that you’ve learned a thing or two about style?
I’m pretty simple, just comfortable jeans and a cute top. I’m more of a flats girl, but Christian Louboutin heels are God’s gift to women.

What do you do to relax?
I love going to this Korean spa in LA. It’s super cheap and you have all of these soaking tubs and saunas. And they have amazing treatments, where they put you on a table and scrub every inch of your body. You leave relaxed and with the softest skin you can imagine.

What would happen on your dream date?
I love surprises so I’d love to hear, “Be outside at 8 o’clock.” And then I’d just be taken for a ride, a great restaurant, dessert place or bar. Or the best would be if I was whisked away to Paris for the weekend. It doesn’t matter what it is, though. I just love surprises.

Who would you like to be stranded on a deserted island with?
My boyfriend, Austin. We’ve been together two years and he’s wonderful.

Who’s your Hollywood crush?
This is going to sound weird because he’s so much older than me, but I think Ralph Fiennes is amazing. And…no, I was going to say someone else too, but I think that would make my boyfriend mad.

Marry, date or dump: Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal?
Robert Pattinson is definitely dump material. He’s way too young for me. I’m torn between Brad and Jake to marry, but I think you marry Brad and date Jake. You want Brad around for keeps. [Austin, we made her choose!]