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Posted by on 14 January 2013

via Vogue Daily:

For any actress, getting ready for the Golden Globes can be a daunting task, and choosing the right look—especially when your show is nominated and likely to win for a second year in a row—only raises the stakes. But yesterday afternoon the naturally striking Morena Baccarin, who has received critical acclaim for her role as marine/war hero Nicholas Brody’s wife Jessica on Showtime’s hit series Homeland, was the picture of composure as she focused on what can make or break any awards season red carpet: the right hair and makeup.

“Last night I e-mailed them, and said, ‘Change of plans!’ ” explained Baccarin of notifying her trusted hairstylist, Jill Crosby, and makeup artist, Lina Hanson, of her eleventh-hour decision to switch dresses for the big night. The next morning, with little time for lengthy discussions, Crosby and Hanson looked at a photo of the newly chosen Valentino navy and black silk chiffon dress and set to work.

“The dress dictated everything. It’s long and austere in a way and we didn’t want [the hair and makeup] to be too harsh. We wanted the look to be soft,” explained Baccarin, sitting in a plush black bathrobe in the middle of her living room (“It has the most light in the house”) while her rescue dog, Rudy, settled down at her feet for a nap.

That meant vintage-inspired waves that Crosby set into pin curls before smoothing one side behind Baccarin’s ear. (“When you’re wearing earrings that are this expensive, you want them seen!” laughed Baccarin, who chose Bulgari jewelry for the occasion.)

To heighten the effect of Baccarin’s almond shaped eyes, Hanson decided on a metallic smoky pigment (Josie Maran’s charcoal gray-black shadow) and a few individual eyelashes “just at the ends.” Fresh, glowing skin finished the look. “I’m really lucky. My mom has amazing skin, and I don’t have to do much . . . I like stuff that’s moisturizing,” said Baccarin, who approved of the all natural and eco-friendly creamy textured blushes and highlighters that Hanson used on her skin.

As a preemptive strike against fading or smudging, Hanson mixed three different lip colors together to achieve the perfect shade, then loaded them onto a small lip brush that she wrapped up for Baccarin to stow in her Roger Vivier clutch; Crosby instructed her assistant, Lucy, on using Frédéric Fekkai hair spray to keep her curls in place.

“It’s fun to get all this done and then just forget about it and have a good time,” she said brightly before heading out the door.