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Posted by on 18 September 2002

Can you tell me a little bit about your role in “Firefly?”
I play a companion. This is in a time when prostitution is legal. There are not so many taboos to it. She’s very classy, more along the lines of a geisha. She’s very trained in the arts, in languages and the instruments – she can swordfight and everything. It’s just incredible. She’s a great character. I learn things every day with her. She’s very versatile in languages.
This is a Joss Whedon production so it has to be a little far-out. What’s it like working with him?
He’s great. He’s so imaginative and it’s so fun because you get to be creative with someone who is also creative. There’s no stopping it.

What is the actual premise of “Firefly?”
It’s years in the future and it’s stylized like a space western because there’s a lot of guns [including] sawed-off shotguns. There are no aliens. It’s more about the relationships between the people. For example, the captain (Nathan Fillion) and I have this little moonlighting relationship…

So there aren’t any aliens in this but it does take place in outer space?
Exactly. It’s what you would imagine it to look like in 500 years, assuming that the Earth is going to die out and we have to push out to a new frontier.

Everyone in the series will look like regular people?