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Morena is featured in the October issue of Esquire magazine. Some photos from the issue as well as the article are available on here. I hope to be able to get scans added to the gallery soon (once my internet is up and running at home). Keep in mind that these photos are not safe for work, so be weary when clicking the above link. Here is an excerpt from the article. The magazine should be on news stands now.

Today, under the lacquered blue-enamel sky, in a black-belted black dress, stepping out of the nap-time grasp of an SUV, Morena Baccarin is clearly — honest-to-God, and to every vision of woman ever beheld, without a hint of exaggeration or intended pain to anyone who’s borne the title before or will bear it hence — the most beautiful woman in the world.

Never mind where — west and north of L.A., in a kind of near-desert, in the parking lot of a wine bar, her jet hair coated by the brightness of a midafternoon sun rigged high. The world behind her falls away quickly enough. With every step across the careless splash of asphalt, her unlumpy purse hooked over the sinew of her shoulder, finger dangling her keys, Baccarin smiles, which is of course part of why she’s the most beautiful woman in the world today.

  • Alex
    Posted on September 16, 2012

    Morena and Clint Eastwood, this issue should be a big seller 🙂