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It was announced earlier today that Morena, along with “V” co-stars Laura Vandervoort and Jane Badler, will be attending New York Comic Con. The dates of the convention are October 8-10 and more information can be found here. The article announcing their appearance can be found here, since I did not see their names listed on the website.

Also, while I don’t really like rumors (or, you know, getting my hopes up), there is talk that Morena has been researching comic books – particularly those involving The Wasp. As most of you probably know, Joss Whedon is directing the upcoming Avengers flick. The full write-up (speculation and all) can be found here. What I want to know is how you all feel about this. Let’s get a discussion going!

  • Jose
    Posted on September 30, 2010

    There’s no way for me to get out of my plans for that entire weekend, so no opportunity to see Morena if she graces Big Apple con.

    She would definitely be a great selection to play the Wasp. And if they include the background storyline of Janet Van Dyne’s and Henry Pym’s less than perfect marriage, it would REALLY allow Morena to stretch her acting chops. I’ll be less than thrilled if the powers-that-be on Avengers choose someone like an Eva Longoria over Morena! Hope Joss has some input on some of the casting.

  • Alex
    Posted on October 02, 2010

    Fingers are crossed 🙂

  • Jose
    Posted on October 02, 2010

    Just saw that there are two big cons going on in New York. Going on this weekend is Big Apple Con, followed by New York Comic Con next weekend. Looks like Morena is not officially listed, for either of them; so if she does show with Laura and Jane, it’ll definitely be a last minute decision.

  • Devlin
    Posted on October 02, 2010

    Actually it is listed on their website !! New York comic.con site that is!! Just click on “Events” on the left hand side & then on “IGN Theater” Then scroll down the list and the “V” panel is listed !!

  • Jose
    Posted on October 04, 2010

    Awesome for anyone who can attend the con! Hoping someone can post some info or pix from NY!

  • mahyar
    Posted on October 07, 2010

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