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via Access Hollywood:

Lifetime’s two-part mini-series “The Red Tent” continues Monday night on the network, starring Morena Baccarin, Rebecca Ferguson and Iain Glenn.

Based on the best-selling book by Anita Diamant, the story tells the tale of Dinah (Rebecca), the daughter of Israelite father Jacob (Iain), and his four wives, including her birth mom Leah (Minnie Driver), and her influential second mom, Rachel (Morena).

Part 1 focused on Jacob’s marriages and Dinah’s upbringing, as Jacob’s only daughter took after Rachel, falling in love with her passion for midwifery. She took after her in other ways as well, including following her heart.

“I really enjoyed working with Rebecca. She’s really incredibly talented and really fun and I liked the dynamic that we had, which was coming from a place of passion and I really sort of indulge her [character] just going with her gut about things, even though I try to sort of school her to patient. I liked that a lot,” Morena told, when asked which character relationship she enjoyed the most. “And I really loved my scenes with Iain. I thought their relationship was so sweet and loving.”

The on-screen relationship between Rachel and Leah was occasionally difficult (there were jealousy issues over watching Leah give their husband so many children). Off screen though, the actresses themselves – Morena and Minnie – bonded.

“She’s very, very sweet and supportive and she was there with her son as well and she took one look at me when I came in there with my six-month-old and was like ‘Oh, my God,’ and she was just really giving and sweet and helpful and just really sympathetic at how hard it is to go back to work and have a baby and be breastfeeding. And being in the environment that we were working in is incredibly difficult without a kid and so doubly hard with a child, so, she was just very, very supportive and we had a lot of fun together,” Morena said.

Morocco formed the backdrop for the mini-series, and the cast had to deal with the elements while filming.

“We were dealing with a lot of elements,” Morena said. “We were dealing with dust storms and believe it or not, they had more rainfall while we were there than I think ever in the history of that place. It wasn’t really heavy rain, but a couple of times we had to stop shooting or wait for the rain, which is hilarious because you’re in the middle of the desert.”

When they weren’t shooting, Morena said the cast had an expert in their midst, who could advise them on fun places to go: her co-star, Iain, who filmed “Game of Thrones” in the locale (he plays Ser Jorah Mormont on the HBO show).

“He showed us around a bit and showed us some restaurants that he had been too before,” she said.

Morena’s next project will take her to the streets of “Gotham” on Fox as Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

“It’s a really wonderful cast,” she said of filming the drama based on characters from DC Comics. “It’s been really fun. I’ve done two episodes so far and it’s a wonderful group of people to work with. Ben [MacKenzie] is fantastic, and we have a really fun relationship on the show, and so it’s been really fun. I’m excited to continue.”

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