Posted by on 1 December 2009 with 2 Comments

Thanks to vagueonthehow, we have pictures of Morena from the Starfury convention that was held this past weekend in London. Sean Maher and Jonathan Woodward were among the other Firefly guests, and it appears that her boyfriend was there as well!

  • Jose
    Posted on December 01, 2009

    There were eight fans of Morena, including myself, who got to have a private cocktail meet and greet with her, before her panel at SerenityCon. She does like to keep many of her matters private, as she never referred to her boyfriend by name. She would only talk about doing things beginning with “We would…”
    None of us pressed her on her it, as everyone respected her privacy. She repeatedly told peeps that she has no interest in joining Twitter, so ignore the twitterer using her name.
    As I definitely didn’t have time to go to England, I mentally prepared myself that SerenityCon would be the last convention I would see her at for a while. With the success of V, and the doors it will open for her, who knows when her fans will have the privilege of seeing her again!

  • April
    Posted on December 01, 2009

    You are very lucky to have been able to do that!