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TV Guide recently talked with Morena about the finale of V, and this interview is very spoiler-y, so I would warn against reading if you’ve yet to see the episode. She does discuss the chances of a third season and what she hopes will come if they are picked up.

TV Guide Magazine: What have you heard about the chances of a third season?
Baccarin: I hear good things about the show and we’re still in the running. It’s just a waiting game and I’m trying to stay busy.

TV Guide Magazine: What would you be most curious to see in a third season?
Baccarin: I want to see who wins, dammit. And we’d continue with the theme of Erica becoming less human, and Anna becoming more human, irrational and emotional. I’d really like to see that. I would like to see Anna experience some kind of loss with this child she’s grown to love, and perhaps have an attraction to somebody human, which would really throw a wrench in her plans.

TV Guide Magazine: Whom have you kept in touch with from your V family since you wrapped a couple months ago?
Baccarin: I’ve kept in touch with Laura and Scott Wolf [Chad] quite a bit, and I just got a very sweet email from Elizabeth this morning telling me she loved the show.

TV Guide Magazine: What’s next for you?
Baccarin:: I’m going back to L.A. where I’m going to do a lot of gardening and landscaping.

The rest of the interview, which is mostly discussion of what went down during Tuesday’s episode, can be found here. Screencaps from the episode (and the others I have yet to cap) will be added within the next few days!

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