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A few weeks back, Morena talked with the Mail Online about Homeland. The article is accompanied by a new photoshoot. Will try and add those to the gallery soon! The full article can be read here!

As she reprises her breakthrough role in the award-winning TV series Homeland, Morena Baccarin talks to Jane Mulkerrins about adjusting to superstardom – and juggling the three men in her life.

‘I do think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time,’ says Morena Baccarin pensively, her pretty, pixie-ish features looking sombre for a second. Fortunately for her husband of just 11 months, film director Austin Chick, the 33-year-old actress isn’t referring to her own relationships, but those of her alter ego Jessica Brody in the TV drama Homeland, which recently won four Emmys.

‘I don’t think you can blame Jessica for falling; eight years is a long time to wait for somebody,’ she continues, referring to her on-screen husband, US marine sergeant Nicholas Brody, played by British actor Damian Lewis. Missing in action for eight years, presumed dead, Brody is unexpectedly rescued and returned to his family. In his absence, however, Jessica has fallen for his best friend and fellow marine Mike, who has taken on de facto father duties with the two Brody children, Dana and Chris. ‘She held out hope, but I think eventually she decided to bury her husband – figuratively. She just decided Brody wasn’t ever coming back.’

  • Alex
    Posted on October 15, 2012

    She’s “adjusting to superstardom”….cool 🙂