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Firefly fans, rejoice! In case you weren’t aware, a Firefly video game is currently in production by Quantum Mechanix Inc. They announced this morning that the entire cast, Morena included, will be lending their voices to the game.

They posted the following on their Facebook:

Nathan, Alan, Adam, Sean and Ron have already recorded their parts, and Morena, Jewel and Summer are on the schedule and will be in studio soon. And we’re currently working with Gina to find a time for her to record.

There’s an epic new story they’ll be helping tell (and when we say “epic”, we mean “EPIC”) and sidequests where you might just run into a familiar face.

In addition to the BDHs, Michael Fairman has joined the cast to reprise his role as Niska. We’ve already recorded Michael and his performance was nothing short of bone-chilling. Look forward to taking some jobs from Niska, if you dare!

The game will be released in Spring of 2015. Find out more information here. Until then, here is the game’s first trailer.

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