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The Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris livestream is happening right now, and we’re getting a wealth of information about the new add-on, which will make its premiere first on the PlayStation 4 next month. While we compile that information (which we’ll share with you shortly), we already know what talent will be involved with the expansion, and it sounds like another Firefly star is on board!

Morena Baccarin, who some fans will recognize from Firefly and can also be seen in Deadpool and Gotham, will be voicing Sagira. Sagira will serve as Osiris’ specialized ghost, providing plenty of feedback as you proceed on your mission. We’ll post a trailer featuring her character in action as soon as it’s available online.

But she’s not the only big-name talent that will be in Curse of Osiris. Osiris himself is played by Oded Fehr, who fans will recognize from the first two Mummy films, as well as work on the animated Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Ultimate Spider-Man series. In the Twitch clip seen above, the team talks in a bit of detail about Sagira and Osiris, as well as their initial introduction in the trailer.

We’ve heard actors portray Ghosts in the past with seriousness, like, of course, Peter Dinklage, as well as Nolan North (who eventually replaced ol’ Dinklebot). But Sagira seems to have a bit more personality to her, particularly in the trailer, where she adjusts a robot’s aim after Osiris freezes up the place, uttering, “Reach for the sky, big guy.” That kind of personality seems to be pretty welcome, especially with fans that have been looking for a Ghost to provide said personality.

Now, the question is how involved Sagira and Osiris will be as the game goes on. We know they’ll be playing a huge part in the game with Curse, but there are more big expansions to come, making us wonder just how long they’ll stick around for the long haul.

Curse of Osiris releases first on PlayStation 4 on December 5th, and will come out for Xbox One and PC later. Destiny 2 is available now for all three platforms.

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