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If you’re one of the folks out there who’ve heard (and maybe seen) a lot about Deadpool recently but aren’t quite sure what the heck he’s all about, allow Ryan Reynolds to catch you up.

Reynolds gave a quick crash course on his motor-mouthed character while he and his co-stars made a visit to the EW Comic-Con Lounge on Saturday.

But the bigger takeaway came from co-star Ed Skrein, who plays the villain Ajax in the February 2016 release. According to Skrein, his character’s first name is the very non-villainy-sounding Francis.

“It’s a good first name for a villain,” joked Morena Baccarin, to which Skrein deadpanned, “Thanks for that.”

Watch the video above to hear Reynolds explain why Deadpool is like a Kickstarter-backed film and what Golden Girls star he chose to nickname his character’s katana swords.

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