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The autograph signing schedule for Comic Con has been released, and, for those of you going, I thought it might be a good idea to post the time at which Morena will be signing. “V” will have two sessions, but she will only attend the second one. If you are lucky enough to attend, be sure to send stories/pictures my way!

V (2 sessions)
Elizabeth Mitchell – Thursday, 2:45pm-3:45pm: WB Booth 4329
Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Morena Baccarin, Scott Peters, Jeffrey Bell, Steve Pearlman, Jace Hall – Saturday, 5:45pm-6:45pm: WB Booth 4329


  • Jose
    Posted on July 22, 2009

    Mitchell and Gretsch are definitely scifi faves to see besides Morena at this panel. Again, hope someone out there gives the rest of us unlucky ones, who aren’t able to attend SDCC, some kind of report!

  • Alex
    Posted on July 22, 2009

    Thanks to Haken at I found this site;

  • April
    Posted on July 22, 2009

    There are a few other ones out there too, but I think that one is the best. Thanks for posting the link!