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via io9:

The MMORPG Firefly Online, scheduled for Spring of 2015, has already announced that the whole Firefly cast would be reuniting to voice their characters for the game. At NYCC on Thursday evening, they unveiled a bunch of cast interviews about the show that will be included in the game.

According to the panel, there are 14 interviews being edited and packaged for inclusion on “The Cortex,” an app that will let players manage their accounts from anywhere. The interviews include all the original cast and a few voice actors whose first job in the verse will be on this game, including Kelly Hu and Michael Dorn. Among the interviews is one with Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin together, which we were promised was a must-see.

The one we did see was Morena Baccarin, who remembered being so excited to do a Joss Whedon show, knowing how he wrote women characters. She also said that her favorite episodes were “Shindig” (“because I got to be a princess”) and “Heart of Gold.” Asked about Inara and Mal’s relationship, Baccarin said that she thought that even if the show had continued, it would have continued to be what had looked like in the show and “see-saw back and forth.” In her opinion, even if they got together, it wouldn’t end well. Most affecting was Baccarin’s response to the question of her favorite off-screen moment. There were so many, but she hadn’t cataloged them at the time. Because none of them thought it wasn’t going to be their lives for years to come.

We were told that it was the most the cast had talked about doing the show and their characters ever. And seeing how much Baccarin had to say, and how invested she was in spending more time with her character, I believe it. For completists, seeing all these interviews are a necessity.

The only bad news is that the Cortex has no firm release date. You can register for the online version now, but the app is still a little bit in the future. And the interviews are still in the process of being edited. We were told we’ll be able to get it “very very soon.” It’ll be for Android and iOS and is in beta testing now. So there’s still a bit of a wait to see more.

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