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Sure to add more fuel to the fire that Nathan Fillion inadvertently started by letting it slip to that the first thing he would do if he won the lottery was to buy the rights to FIREFLY and distribute it on the internet… is the news that fellow travelling companion Morena Baccarin would jump at the chance to join him.

“I think it’s awesome that Nathan is so passionate about the show after so many years,” said the actress during a one-on-one with the TV Addict earlier in the day to promote the upcoming season finale of V. “We all really love it and I’m sure not one of us would turn it down if it became a realistic opportunity.”

Of course, Baccarin, who is now close to a decade older since stepping into the shoes of Inara Serra, arguably her most famous small screen alter-ego, did have one concern, “Aren’t we getting too old?”

Source: The TV Addict