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Wizard World 2005 (.wmv format 4.30 MB)

A clip from the convention held in March of 2005. Interview (.wmv format 19.2 MB)
Morena and Nathan Fillion talk about their characters in Serenity.

Starfury Serenity Convention (.mov format 12.0 MB)
A clip from the 2005 convention.

Way Off Broadway - Trailer (.mov format 3.05 MB)
The trailer for Morena's movie, Way Off Broadway.

Serenity Trailer (.wmv format 11.9 MB)
One of the trailers for Serenity.

Serenity Movie Clip - 2 (.mov format 4.30 MB)
The scene of 2005's Serenity where the Operative threatens Mal and Inara.

Serenity Deleted Scene (.mov format 15.5 MB)
One of the many deleted scenes of Morena's, which focuses more on her life at the companion training house.

Serenity Premiere Interview (.avi format 8.83 MB)
An interview from the Los Angeles premiere of Serenity where Morena talks about Inara, the movie, and a possible sequel.

Perfect Man Premiere (.avi format 619 KB)
A brief clip of Morena being interviewed at The Perfect Man premiere.

Four Feathers Premiere Interview (.avi format 6.79 MB)
Morena talks about Firefly and why exactly she was there to see the movie at the Four Feathers premiere..

Four Feathers Premiere (.avi format 1.12 MB)
A clip of Morena being interviewed at the Four Feathers premiere.