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Morena Baccarin on the Release of "Serenity:
Iím excited. Iím really looking forward to seeing how people are going to receive it. Iím very proud of it and hopefully it will be a good thing." Morena Baccarin on the Change in Tone from "Firefly" to "Serenity:" "Itís a little darker and, as Nathan [Fillion] likes to say, a little sweatier. A lot more action going on, some more humor, but all in all itís a little grittier and it kind of gets under your skin. Itís really great.

Morena Baccarin Gets Into the Action
"Yeah, I get to do a little bit of ass kicking, a little, but itís nice. A little archery. I think my character is in a very different place when this starts from where the series was, and I end up in a very different place this time as the movie ends. I think we all have a very good transition."

Inara Knows Archery?
She knows everything. Donít ever underestimate Inara (laughing).

Morena Baccarin on Her Character's Relationship with Mal
There was a lot of flirting and teasing going on between Inara and Fillion's character, Malcolm Reynolds, in "Firefly." Is that expanded on in "Serenity?" "You know, those two, their relationship, itís the 'Moonlighting' thing. Who knows if itís ever going to work out. That whole process I donít think is ever going to end.

Morena Baccarin on Sci-Fi Films
You know what? I like 'Space Odyssey.' I loved 'Star Wars' growing up, the old ones. So I sort of like those movies, but I wasnít a sci-fi addict. Being a part of a sci-fi show was very cool.

Morena Baccarin's Favorite Scene in "Serenity"
Thereís so much that I love. I really like to watch the stuff between Nathan and Chiwetel Ejiofor. They were really great together when theyíre facing off. And the way they fight Ė Nathanís so dirty and heís so clean and just wiping the sweat off of his brow while Nathanís completely overtaken by the fight. I loved watching him.

Morena Baccarin Shares Her Favorite Joss Whedon Memory
Well in general, I love it when weíre on set and heís giving us a note and he goes, 'Okay, that was great but can you do it better? Can you try acting?'

Is "Wonder Woman" in Her Future?
Baccarin has been asked if she's up for the role of "Wonder Woman" ever since it was announced that Joss Whedon was involved with the film. Baccarin said, "I feel bad for Joss because Iím sure heís getting bombarded with questions about it. I mean, Iím not going to say no to a superhero but itís not up to me."

On Sticking to the Script
Joss is a stickler for his words. Everything Ė I mean every Ďtheí Ďofí Ďandí Ė everything.

More Movies or a Return to TV
Baccarin thinks if there's an immediate future for Firefly/Serenity, it'll take place on the big screen rather than the little. "Letís do some movies and then see where it goes," said Baccarin.

Morena Baccarin on "Firefly" Fans
The fans are responsible for where we are now and itís incredibly humbling to be a part of that with them.

On "Serenity" DVD Bonus Material
Yeah, theyíll be a really good blooper reel. Hopefully theyíll put the whole version of it. Itís pretty funny. We had a blooper reel cut together when we wrapped and there's a lot of Nathan screwing up.

What Fans Most Want to See in "Serenity"
I think they want to see the characters that they recognize in extraordinary circumstances Ė and they will see that.

What's Next
Iím working on getting a job. And I have a television thing that might possibly work out, but I canít talk about it yet. So weíll keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.